Friday 11 March 2011

The Red Shoes

Not only the title of this card, but also a great classic British movie and a fantastic album by the amazing Kate Bush! :) In both of those cases, the red shoes are ballet shoes of course, not a battered pair of Converse sneakers! I doubt that they make ballet shoes to fit my canoe-sized feet and I wear Converse Chuck Taylors ALL THE TIME, so it was always obvious which way I was gonna go with this :)

All of the stamps are from Tim Holtz@Stampers Anonymous (except for the sneakers, which is my favourite stamp and seems not to be available any longer If it was I'd buy a second so I always had a spare, lol).

There's nothing specially out of the ordinary technique-wise here, apart from the red background which was acrylic paint applied with a moist wipe, and the orange which was 2 squirts of sunset orange in a full mini-mister of water to give a softer (and more economical) spray of colour.

I'm really enjoying card-making at the moment, expect more soon! :)


Laura said...

Great card. What a shame the sneaker stamp is no longer available. I love the stamp and have been thinking about it recently. I have only ever seen you use it.

misteejay said...

Love the card Dan.

I can assure you, you would not want them to do the 'other' type of red shoes in your size - they kill your feet (ouching at the memory) LOL.

Toni :o)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

great card :) Love the boots

fatmonica said...

I love it!Good idea to apply acrylic paint with a wipe-I need to try that!Love the colours!

misteejay said...

Dan, I'd like to share something with you over on my blog.

Toni xx

salamanda said...

This is stunning and I love converse. I have several including a pair of battered tan leather ones I picked up in Canada. Perfect balance of stamps and colour. Kings up above manages the same balance to image ratio too (not correct term but can't think how else to day it!)

Hels Sheridan said...

collage-tastic indeedily Dan... following on from Mrs E's comment... lots of 5x5 cards ready for birthday's in...June ROFL x

ScattyShirley said...

I love this card, Will email about how to use the mini mister. like that idea a lot.
CAn you not somehow cut your own sneaker stamp. If it is no longer available.
IF you can make an SVG of just the stamp then use the cricut to cut it.
Just a thought. I love my pink converse boots and don;t know what to do when they wear out. luckily I don't walk out in them much. and saw someone in Auckland wearing the exact same pair. :-)

Sue in CT said...

What a blast from the past...only they weren't red. Well, not all of them were red. Love the sneakers. I will have to try that paint and technique some day. It looks great.

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