Thursday 27 November 2014

CraftArtist2 Freebie - Quick Gift Tags Template

I was designing some quick Christmas tags for myself and suddenly thought I'd make a Craft Artist template so that others could use quickly create sheets of tags with their own designs.  There are two sizes of the file, A4 and US Letter. 

Speed was of the essence for me here, I didn't want to invest too much time on them because I figure that unlike a Christmas card which goes on display for several days, tags are only looked at for a few seconds and then usually thrown away once the gift is opened.  The simple luggage tag shape makes these super quick to cut out too (I hate cutting stuff out)! :)


I'm still pretty new to CraftArtist but, of course, some of you may be even newer.  Although the template is easy to use, I've included a quick video on how to use it in Craft Artist 2.
The template is for personal use only, please don't share it with others (but by all means send your friends here to download it if they want!).  If you make any tags of your own with my template, please come back and share a photo, I'd love to see them! :)

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