Thursday 25 June 2009

10 more seconds...

Here is another metal covered frame I made, this time as part of a 2 day "metal masterclass" that I took a while back at LB Crafts. Rather than using the cuttlebug this time, I used a selection of the Ten Seconds Studio texture moulds, and finished off with some brown acrylic paint to accentuate the sunken areas. This is also one large piece of metal, rather than the 4 panels that were used for yesterday's example.

Inside the frame is one of the stamped index cards I made a while back. If you want a clearer view of it, you can see it here.

Tuesday 23 June 2009

10 Seconds and counting...

I've had some tools and sheets of metal from Ten Seconds Studio for quite some time, and today I finally got around to having a go with them - well, with the metal at least!

I picked up some cheap frames from Ikea and used cuttlebug embossing folders to apply texture to the silver and copper coloured metal. Finally I painted the whole frame with white acrylic paint and then buffed it with some kitchen paper when dry to reveal the silver and copper on the raised areas.

The frame looked a bit bare with nothing in it, so I rooted around in my box of cast-off project pieces and cut this piece from a stamped and painted Christmas thing I abandoned a year or two ago. I thought the colours were perfect for the frame - I hope you agree! :)
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