Friday 24 October 2008

Saturday Freebie #21 with Video Tutorial!!

Takeout Box!

[Edit - these files are no longer available from this site. Email me for details on how to access previous weeks files]

It's Saturday again, and that can only mean one thing - it's time for some new, original, FREE shapes for you to download!!

These takeout boxes are perfect for small gifts for any occasion! They're great for wedding favors, trick-or-treat candies or even a fun advent calendar like the one I showed yesterday! Hang them from the tree with ribbons for an extra festive touch! I have also included a video tutorial on how to cut the box and guide using SCAL and how to fold it.

Use the folding guide to locate the 4 pierce(or mark) points to mark the base of the box. Once these points have been accurately marked, follow the fold chart below (outside of box is facing up):

Included below is a video tutorial on how to cut and fold the box. If you're a Cricut owner who is new to SCAL, take a look at it, it gives you some idea how SCAL can expand the range of things your Cricut will do! If you find the video a little fuzzy, you can view a full-screen version here.

Again, these templates will be "live" for 1 week. Next Saturday, they will be taken down, and new ones will replace them. Don't forget, if you have any requests, pass them on! I can't promise, but I will take suggestions into account when planning future templates.

These files may not be uploaded to a group, forum or website for sale or redistribution, or shared among individuals. They are expressly for the personal use of each person that downloads them from this blog.

There is only 1 file this week, but I have put it into a zip file to make downloading easier. After saving it, open in the usual way, and drag the template out onto your desktop or wherever you wish to save them.

There are 3 versions of each template:
  • A printable version (PNG files) that you can import into a program like Word, then resize, print, cut out and use like any other paper template (these are NOT Word files, so don't use File/Open in Word! Use Insert/Picture to bring them into a Word document).
  • An SVG version which can be imported into the Sure Cuts a Lot program and then cut out on your Cricut.
  • A DXF version which is Craft Robo friendly, and ready to be imported into your Robomaster software (I'm not a Robo user, so if there are any problems with this, please let me know!)
Simply right click on the appropriate button below, and choose "save link..." or "save target..." and save your template!

Any feedback on the templates is more than welcome, and if you have any suggestions for possible future templates you'd like to see, please let me know! If you make anything using one of the templates, please post a link to it here so that others can be inspired by how you've used them!

I hope you like the templates - let me know how you get on! :)

Templates © 2008


Heather said...

Thanks so much Dan!!! This is awesome!!!

Anne said...

Another brilliant template thenks Dan

Anonymous said...

Dan< I love the box AND as a HUGE QVC shopper, loved the QVC ruler!

Kim B

Anonymous said...

Dan, I can't wait to make these for both sets of grandchildren for their Christmas trees! Awesome advent idea! I've been trying to find something I wanted to do for a couple of weeks for advent calendars. You nailed it! Laurel Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Just the right size for pease pudding portions ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan! I will try this on my o-bug but it will be very nice if I get my expression for Christmas!

Raquel said...

Thanks Dan, this is great! When you sending the Chinese food to put in the box . . . ? ;) Sheesh, some people are never happy, huh? LOL (hug) Raquel

voodoo vixen said...

Thanks Dan, will give Robocop a work out with this template!!

Tammy said...

Great video! Some times folding things are easier when you see someone fold them.

Allet said...

Thanks a lot Dan. I am planning to make a lot of these for my grandchildren.
The Netherlands

misteejay said...

I feel another advent session coming on (will make a change from matchboxes LOL)

Thank you Dan

Toni :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Dan! And I enjoyed the video a lot, thanks for your time to make this for us!

Saskia Haringa
The Netherlands

Torre Story said...

Love the video-and the boxes. Also, I never knew about the flip shapes box! Thanks for telling me about that I learned something new today!

Anonymous said...

Genius! Thank you sooo much Dan!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the box and the great tutorial!

June said...

Thank you again Dan another fab template
June x

Linda aka Oz said...

long time viewer, first time 'comment-er". I am a pazzle owner so much tweaking to use your files. BUT... was in desperate search for something different for grandaughters upcoming birthday party. Did I mention it is at Chinse resturant this year? Bless you Dan! Linda aka Oz

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video on how to make the box and showed me more that I did not know about scal.

Thank you so much for the files you share with us.


Anonymous said...

Dan, theses are gorgeous. thank you! I hope you are going to leave the tutorial up, even after you take the files down after a week :)

Anonymous said...

Dan-You're the man! Great video and templates. Thanks again for everything! Sheree

Anonymous said...

This is a great file! Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Dan there are too cute. I made on this evening and it turned out relly good. I sized them so I can get 4 from on 12x12 sheet of paper.
Thank you for sharing your talent and time.

Shirley said...

This is another brillinat template thanks Dan.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow - I just found your blog. What a happy day for me! Thank you, thank you!

Catherine said...

Thanks Dan I have made my advent boxes using your template. The finished boxes can be seen on my blog. They were such fun to make

Anonymous said...

I just loved this box. I made them with halloween paper and put halloween ribbons on the handles and put candy in them for my grandchildren. They were a hit!!!

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