Monday 22 October 2007

Flipbook - Trying Something a Bit Different

For quite some time now I've been dissatisfied with the way I've been displaying my work on this blog. Most of the things I make are books of one kind or another, and separating the pages and displaying them as individual images seems to me to take away a lot of their fundamental bookiness (I know that's not a real word, but as far as I'm concerned, it is now!). The main point of making a book and binding it is so that the person who looks at it does so by turning it's pages one after another, and that page-turning process is at the core of how we as readers interact with books.

So, I sat down at the computer (you all knew that I'm a rubber stamp geek, but did you know I'm a computer nerd too? lol), and MUCH tearing out of hair later (yes, yes, I didn't have any hair to begin with, I know. Still, it's a bit mean of you to point it out, shame on you!) I've created another version of my "I Know" book that I put up here in my previous post. It should (if it works correctly) allow you to "turn" the pages, and to zoom in and out of any page that you want to get a better view of.

This is how it works

This is the kind of view you will see while you browse through the book. Click your main mouse button on the bottom corner of any page, and holding it down, drag your mouse to turn the page. Letting go of the mouse button will release the page. You can do this to go forwards or backwards through the book. You can also click the other mouse button to zoom in or out.

I'd really value any feedback on this that you care to give! Should I display my past and future books like this too, rather than as regular images? There was quite a bit of effort involved in getting this to work, although now that I've done it, hopefully future examples can be made much quicker. All the same, if most of you don't like looking at the book this way, I'd prefer not to waste my time! LOL

Click here to see the "I Know" Flippable Book

P.S. If it doesn't work for you, your browser may not have the latest version of the bit it needs to see the book. You can get it by following this link:

Update your Flash Player


Lesley said...

It's really fab Dan - now I have got it to work!! :-) xx

Anonymous said...

OMG it's fantastic. I LOVE how I can turn the pages of this book. The book is gorgeous too. Sheils xxxxx

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic Dan a great way to view your fab book and thanks for the link to Flash player so I could turn the pages
hugs Joy

Turnidus said...

WOW WOW and did I say WOW?

What a brilliant way to view your book Dan (thank you for the link). And the book itself isn't to shabby either!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic way to show your book Dan, very clever

Hels Sheridan said...

Dan, this is fantastic!!! What a brilliant way to show the fab book you have made. As for the other books...well, I reckon that you should make all of them viewable like this...wonderful!! Hels x

Anonymous said...

Dan, that is just BRILLIANT, both the book and the way to view it.
Well done.

Unknown said...

I am not worthy .... a girl knows when she is in the presence of greatness Dan .... Words just do not do your art justice.

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