Thursday 4 October 2007

They say things come in threes.... here are 3 more christmas fat pages.

I've joined a christmas rubber stampting themed swap list on the Craft Swap forum ( for those of you interested in friendly craft-related chat and lots of fun swaps to take part in!). There are 20 people in the list, and we each make 19 pages and send one to each person on the list, at the end we will each have a unique 19 page book of eachother's work. I'm almost 1/2 way through making mine, first time I've ever been ahead of the game! LOL

Similar routine here to the other pages I've made in this set, except that I decided to try out a couple of alphabet stamp sets that I've had for a while and not tried yet!

As ever, comments welcomed! :o)


Linda said...

Stunning pages as ever Dan :)

Louly said...

Wow they're so well done! Great work ther Dan.

Lesley said...

I think these ones are my favourites - especially the 3rd one Dan (hint hint)!!
:) xx

Anonymous said...

more pages to die for Dan

Anonymous said...

Dan they are as fantastic as I knew they would be! Well done you. Love Sheils xx

Anonymous said...

Really lovely Dan, very artistic I love them. Even tho I dislike Xmas (spit) bah humbug (hehe), I love the artwork. Like the blog too... I want one (stamps feet!!)


Godelieve said...

Love all the cards you made with this trees stamp! So many possibilities.

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