Sunday 8 June 2008

Guest Blog

If you look in the right hand column of this page, down at the bottom, you will see I have chosen another guest blog to feature here. This is an occasional event, and it will stay for a couple of weeks.

This time the featured blog is "A Crafting Journey", a showcase for the wonderful creations by my friend Linda, so please click on one of the images there to check out the great stuff she makes! :)


Unknown said...

Thank you Dan. I am honoured to be your guest. If it was n't for your kind words and patience I probably would have deleted my blog a while back .... so this really does mean a lot .... Thank you XXX

Sarah said...

that's a cool little widget :)

and a fab blog too - your mate Linda is a busy bee!

Andrea said...

As Linda is my friend to Dan its great to see you advertising her Blog on yours, fabby work Linda it deserves to be seen by many xx

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