Sunday 1 June 2014

Made for sharing...

Regular readers of my blog will know that I've recently become a convert to the delights of CraftArtist Professional 2 by Serif Software.  On their DaisyTrail forum there are many kind people who share their creations with others, whether it be in the form of digikits, templates or embellishments.  As I have benefitted from this I thought it was only fair to have a little payback and to offer something of my own.

I originally created this file a few years back as a file for digital cutting machines (if you have one of those and want the file in that form, click on "Cutting Files" at the top of the page).  Now I've adapted it into a CraftArtist template.  It's a party favour box that requires no glue, so it's fast to assemble.  If you decide to make an advent calendar like one of the boxes in my photo, as the boxes aren't glued you can flatten them down after Christmas and store them until the following year.  As you can see, I styled one as a halloween candy box but this template is perfect for any kind of party or wedding favour.

Download the template here.

I'm still pretty new to CraftArtist but just in case there are some of you that are even newer, I've included a quick video on how to use the template in CraftArtist.  Although I only use backgrounds in the video, you can of course add embellishments too, as I did in the two that I photographed.  The template is for personal use only, please don't share it with others (but by all means send your friends here to download it if they want!).  If you make any boxes of your own with my template, please come back and share a photo, I'd love to see them! :)


misteejay said...

Two really cute treat bags Dan.

Toni xx

Nancy said...

love these, thanks for sharing

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