Wednesday 17 February 2010

Sleep Alone Book

This is based around a song by the 1 woman band "Bat for Lashes", and I've wanted to make a book of it for ages but only had the chance to start it today. If you haven't heard of the song and want to hear it, it's on youtube here.

The pages differ in style, but I tried to keep the blue/night/twilight feel consistent throughout. It's not bound yet, I need to get some chipboard to make covers for it. Some of Tim Holtz's new stamps lent themselves very well to this project! I hope you like it :o)

You know my darling I can't stand to sleep alone
No sweetheart in the dark to call my own

You’re my own, you’re my own, I can sing it, I can groan
But the darkness is a stranger and I'm lonely, lonely, lonely low

Last night's parties and last night's horrorshow
Smiling and whirling and kissing all I know

Give my soul, give my soul, sing it free across the sea
A lonely spell to conjure you, but conjure hell is all I do

They say for every high (high) there must be a low (low, low, low, low)
From every sun ascending a lonesome moon will grow (grow, grow, grow)

Drive my heart, drive my heart, into the fire of a burning heart's desire
A lonely spell so you be seen, do you hear me coming in my blue dream

Lonely, lonely, lonely
Cause my mama told me
The dream of love is a two-hearted dream


Brian K said...

Beautiful book and a wonderful song! Awesomeness!

Donna Lee said...

that is very special. I really admire you for posting something to creative that comes from someplace deep inside.


Hels Sheridan said...

Wow Dan, this is awesome...cannot wait to see it in the real :O))

Sid said...

Great interpretation and super book pages !

Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful project! I'm inspired by music in everything I do, including crafting. I've got tons of ideas for atcs dedicated to certain songs, but unfortunately I haven't come around to creating them yet. Bat for Lashes is on my list too. Their music's so pure and the lyrics so beautiful.

Thryth said...

Dan, you are one creative dude! And so talented as well! I love what you've done with the pages for your book. Just incredible. You've really captured the essence of the song on your pages. I love it!


Kirsti said...

OMG Dan - this is stunning - wish I had half your

kjjc said...

Oh my goodness that is just fantastic Dan. What a great thing to do.

Michelle said...

you did all that in one night!! OMG, it's fab.

Andrea said...

Dan just brilliant the way the stamps go so great with the wording, what a stunning book it will be x

Lucy Edmondson said...

These are great, Dan,

Lucy x

Karen said...

Wow, this is amazing. i wish I had an ounce of your creativeness.

Claire said...

Oh my that is absolutely stunning.

Unknown said...

That is totally gorgeous ... now I can see why she likes it sooooo much X

Samantha said...

Hi Dan!

I love love love your book...Mum said if i ask really nicely you might give it to me, as she is such a terrible mother and never sends me any of her crafting things (i don't even get home made cards like you do).

I hope you enjoyed your stay and were not too traumatised by my outfit fiasco! ;o)

tea_bag said...

wow fab project

Artyjen said...

I think this is fabulous! I love making stamps fit to words myself....yours is too too gorgeous! :)

Lisa Avolio said...

Wow! What a creative way to illustrate the song. Impressive artwork.

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Fabulous, I love Bat for Lashes and saw her live last year, your work really brings the song to life.

Unknown said...

Wow - what a moving book and moving song

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