Monday 22 February 2010

Alice Through the Iron Gates

Another oldie today - I could have sworn that I've blogged this before, but after a thorough search, it appears not!

I used layers of chipboard to form a compartment, which I gilded with metal leaf on the inside. It contained some Alice-themed playing cards and a mini-book with part of the story and some of Tenniel's classic illustrations.

Chipboard doors were added with metal hinges and fastenings.

Click on an image if you want to see a larger version. ! :o)

[Edited to add - Google is telling me I blogged this in Oct '07, but I can't find the post! I can only think I deleted it at some point, but for what reason I can't imagine! Ah well, here it is again, lol]


voodoo vixen said...

Why you would delete it, I cannot imagine!! I love your tags and other bits of artwork but really Dan, these are the things I love the most that you make.

a Seeker of the TRUTH said...

Glad you re-blogged or blogged for the first time, either way, i am glad you shared Alice through the iron gates with us readers. It is very inspirational.

Thank you for sharing!
Happy crafting.


misteejay said...

Another fab creation Dan. Thank you so much for sharing.

Toni :o)

Andrea said...

this is even better in the flesh, I have to say that Voodoo Vixens right its stuff like this that makes you different to everyone else, you just have the best imagination that produces such amazing ART xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Having seen this in the real, all I can say is that is truly is beautiful and the pics really don't do it justice...thanks for blogging it again...tis FAB!! x

Lyn said...

This is fab. I love anything "hidden" and opening layers to see what's beneath -very clever, and especially the "Dan" image on the playing card.

Angela Mclean said...

A truely inspriational project... love everything about it.
Angela xxx.

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