Friday 5 February 2010

Autumn Concertina Tag Book

While I don't have access to my crafting stuff I thought I'd take this opportunity to show some things I've made in the past which predate this blog. Today we're going back over 3 years to September '06! This is the sample I made for a class I was teaching at the time, 4 autumn themed tags in a distressed concertina folder. I've just realised as I'm writing this that the piece predates my addiction to stamping - in fact at this point I didn't even own a stamp and most of my crafting was computer-based! Click on any image for a larger view.

The folder was made from a piece of moss green white-core cardstock with a brown check paper adhered to the back. After shaping and folding, the pockets were held in place with eyelets at each end. It was then sanded to distress it and the quotes were matted and fixed to the pocket fronts. The black plastic name plate on the front was coated with a tape runner and then gold metallic flakes were applied to gild it. It was then sanded to distress the edges and fixed in place with brads.

Tag 1 - The flourishes on the background paper were enhance with gold stickles and the burlap swatch was fixed in place with double sided tape then secured with two textured brads. The quote mat was edged with gold Krylon pen and the quote was fixed to the tag with d.s.t. Finally a brown circle was fixed to the tag and then set with a large eyelet and cord was added.

Tag 2 - Fairly simple this one. Basic Grey background paper, matted quote with inked edges and a spiral paper clip (gilded with Krylon).

Tag 3 - The green tortoise-shell effect was achieved by dabbing alcohol ink to a piece of clear acetate with a square of felt, waiting a second for it to dry, then repeating the process until the desired effect was achieved. The acetate was then cut to shape and turned into a sticker by running it through a Xyron sticker maker (the small X shaped Xyron machine). It was then affixed to the tag. The brad was white, coloured with alcohol inks to match the colour theme of the tag.

Tag 4 - The tag background paper was made on the computer using hundreds of leaf images then printed and fixed to the tag. The slidemount was covered in brown cardstock and a strip of brown check paper was fixed down one side. The leaf image was printed from the computer, aged with brown chalks and fixed in place. An eyelet was inserted in the corner of the slidemount and fibres tied through it.

Simple as that! I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me, there will be another one soon! :)


Unknown said...

OMG Dan ... if I go back to September 06 ... all I can find that I made is a pile of old tat ... mind you if I go back to Sep 09 ... it's still the same :0) You were obviously born to craft X

Tammy D said...

Wow that is really cool.

Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeously loverly taggy book jobby....can't believe it is that old...thought you were born with a rubber stamp in your chops cos you is so talented with them....there, that is enough compliments for one day my friend ROFL xx

TinaB said...

Fab book Dan xx

Angela Mclean said...

oooo NICE!!!!
Thanks for sharing.... does not look AT ALL dated!
Angela xxx.

Lisa Avolio said...

"Simple as that!" yet I don't read anything simple. Pretty impressive. You did great without all the stamps. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

These tags are really cool. Very antique looking and delicate.

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