Saturday 3 April 2010

Freebie #51!

CD Gift box[Edit - This set is no longer available from my blog, and now comes with a DVD gift box too! Find it on my other site by googling "My Crafty Files" or email me for details.]

Useful at any time of year, and always good to know you have it in reserve when needed! :) (Much cheaper than buying one too!) Although I've shown the CD peeking out of the end here, obviously both ends do close :)

I cut mine at 7.38" wide x 11.09" high and it was a perfect but snug fit for the standard cd case I was using as a guide. If you want it a little roomier, obviously you can cut it slightly larger! Since it will cut from an 8" x 12" piece of cardstock, you've got plenty left to make a matching tag or gift card! :) I've included fold marks for the major folds - if you don't want those, just cut the box in blackout mode.

Please remember you are only allowed to download this file for your own use and may not distribute it to others in any form. I spend a great deal of time creating my designs, please respect the terms under which they are given.

Again, this template will be "live" for 1 week. Next week it will be taken down, and new ones will replace it. Don't forget, if you have any requests, pass them on! I can't promise, but I will take suggestions into account when planning future templates.

These files may not be uploaded to a group, forum or website for sale or redistribution, or shared among individuals. They are expressly for the personal use of each person that downloads them from this blog.

There is 1 file but I have put it into a zip file to make downloading easier. After saving it, open in the usual way, and drag the file out onto your desktop or wherever you wish to save it.

There are 2 versions of each template:
  • An SVG version which can be imported into the Sure Cuts a Lot or Make the Cut program and then cut out on your Cricut.
  • A DXF version which is Craft Robo friendly, and ready to be imported into your Robomaster software (I'm not a Robo user, so if there are any problems with this, please let me know!)
Simply click on the appropriate button below to download the file!

Any feedback on the templates is more than welcome, and if you have any suggestions for possible future templates you'd like to see, please let me know! If you make anything using one of the templates, please post a link to it here so that others can be inspired by how you've used them!

I hope you like the templates - let me know how you get on! :)

Templates © 2010


Karen said...

Thank you Dan This is Brilliant (as always).

Karen x

Karen said...

Very nice! Love the paper you chose.

Jessie said...

OOOOO Thank you Dan! This is fantastic and I LOVE the colors you used in yours!

Carol's Crafts said...

This is a fabulous file. The colors you used are beautiful too. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Regina said...

Awesome!!! Thank you thank you thank you.


Hels Sheridan said...

Fab download Dan..thank you...BTW, whatcha listening to? Was trying to see what the CD was :O))

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dan!!!

Marg said...

Thank you.

Sandi said...


Thank you, I will use this to give photos to family members.

Sandi N.

Margie said...

thanks for the freebie!

Cheri said...

Thanks for sharing your talent so generously.

Lisa Avolio said...

Great to have in reserve. Love your paper choice, too. Thanks!

Donna Lee said...

thank you , Dan! I think I will get quite a bit of use out of this file!

Joanne26b said...

Thanks Dan :-)

Jill said...

Thanks again Dan!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Great file...and so useful..thank you so much

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