Tuesday 9 December 2008

Video Tutorial - Sizing my Moo Frame in SCAL

A few people have sent me questions about how to correctly size this file in SCAL. I used 8.5x11 cardstock and cut the file at 8x10 inches with no problem.

I've created a quick video to demonstrate the process. I know that when I host my videos in Photobucket, some of you can't see them. The quality of the video is so much better that I am continuing with that, but I have also included a Google Video version for those who may have problems! If you can see both, notice the quality difference - Google Video is fuzzy by comparison! You can see why I prefer to use Photobucket for my videos! :)

Photobucket Video

Google Video


ShawnS said...

thanks so much for all of your AMAZING projects AND tutorials! I just love everything you have done, and your tutorials have helped me so much! I am struggling with learning SCAL, your tutorials have helped me along the way. Thanks!!!!
do you know if there is a tut. on importing & changing files to svg? I have saved a bunch of files, & when I save them they are not able to open. They are .sit or txt (which I think is text but not sure). What do I do with those? When I first bought SCAL. I had been saving up for it, I had been saving your files for months previous, but had such a hard time learning it I thought they were the wrong thing (couldn't open them--my fault-now I know how) but I deleted a whole bunch of stuff I had saved. Now I'm sick I deleted them because I think I finally could do it.
Any help you could give would be great! My main confusion is saving & changing files.
You are AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, Thanks so much for your projects and tutorials. They are truly amazing. Your talent and generosity are such blessings to us all.

Gale M.

Tammy said...

Dan -thanks for just whipping up a video when people are having a hard time understanding something. I was able to watch both videos and could definately tell that photobucket was better quality. The google one was a little blurry.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

Re. the video quality - have you tried Vimeo (www.vimeo.com) and blip.tv (www.blip.tv)? They both offer HD quality video, which is much clearer than YouTube and Google. There is also www.viddler.com, which is a new service that I've tried too.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and work.


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