Tuesday 4 November 2008

Holly Jolly Monday Freebie Madness!

It's Tuesday again, and that can only mean one thing - I've forgotten what day it is, and it's time for some new, original, FREE shapes for you to download!!

So, I was sitting at the computer, mind wandering, as you do, when I had what I thought was a good little idea. Inspired by the holly wreath I showed in my Inkscape tutorial the other day, I thought "why not just cut out a bunch of holly leaves and MAKE a wreath?" It only took me 5 minutes to put together the shapes, and it wasn't substantial enough to save for a Saturday freebie, so I thought I'd post it today!

I've created a file with 32 holly sprigs in it, so you don't need to bother with all the endless copying and pasting, along with a ring to cut to use as a base.

All I did was apply dark green ink to the edges of some of the leaves to give a little colour variation, and fold some in half to add a little dimensionality. Glue (or in my case ATG) them to the ring, at random angles and cover any spaces with holly berries punched with the Crop-o-dile from some scraps of red card.

Add a nice bow, and bob's yer uncle! :) Doesn't it look great!? Why not cut extra leaves and use them to decorate your Christmas gifts? They'd look really good next to a red bow on a package. Why not go for the winter frosted look and cut out holly leaves in shades of blue and use silver berries? Gift tags, Christmas cards, the uses are endless!!

Again, these templates will be "live" for 1 week. Next Tuesday, they will be taken down, and new ones will NOT replace them. Don't forget, if you have any requests, pass them on! I can't promise, but I will take suggestions into account when planning future templates.

These files may not be uploaded to a group, forum or website for sale or redistribution, or shared among individuals. They are expressly for the personal use of each person that downloads them from this blog.

There are 2 files, so I have put it into a zip file to make downloading easier. After saving it, open in the usual way, and drag the template out onto your desktop or wherever you wish to save them.

There are 3 versions of each template:
  • A printable version (PNG files) that you can import into a program like Word, then resize, print, cut out and use like any other paper template (these are NOT Word files, so don't use File/Open in Word! Use Insert/Picture to bring them into a Word document).
  • An SVG version which can be imported into the Sure Cuts a Lot program and then cut out on your Cricut.
  • A DXF version which is Craft Robo friendly, and ready to be imported into your Robomaster software (I'm not a Robo user, so if there are any problems with this, please let me know!)
Simply right click on the appropriate button below, and choose "save link..." or "save target..." and save your template!

Any feedback on the templates is more than welcome, and if you have any suggestions for possible future templates you'd like to see, please let me know! If you make anything using one of the templates, please post a link to it here so that others can be inspired by how you've used them!

I hope you like the templates - let me know how you get on! :)

Templates © dan99crafter@gmail.com 2008


KimberlyO said...

This is awesome Dan!! Thank you so much! :)

Heather said...

Oh Dan, you spoil us!!!!! Thanks for the bonus freebie!!!

Pamela said...

Thanks so much! Your efforts are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all the great files that you create and post. Especially the round baubles you did recently. I am using them to make 25 cards for Operation: Quiet Comfort for our US soliders.


Anonymous said...

Love the wreath Dan, thank you.

misteejay said...

Oh dear, think I'm gonna really be busy - all this fab stuff Dan, do you have plans for some 'freebie' extra hours that we can download? LOL

Toni :o)

June said...

Goodness me Dan!
You've done it again, thank you soooo much.
I will let you know when I've had a play.
Fab stuff
June xxx

Andrea said...

what a great wreath Dan and a lovely idea xx thankyou

Anonymous said...

They're wonderful - thanks so much! Your freebies are wonderful.

Anne said...

Brilliant thanks Dan

Bagpuss said...

So useful!!! Thanks again Dan :)

Heather "Hev" said...

Thankyou so much - crafting hugs from Australia :)

June said...

I've had a play already..what else am I supposed to do while I am waiting for Tesco to deliver my shopping lol.
I've used your holly leaves to make a christmas decoration using a curtain ring.
Thanks for the inspiration yet again.
It's on my blog if you want a look
June xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful wreath. I am indeed thinking of great ways to use it...

Hels Sheridan said...

Loving the wreath, fab design hun x

Anonymous said...

This is nice of you to share in the first part of the week.
Thank you

Pam said...

Thank Dan! I'm new to your blog and to SCAL. I'm really enjoying your tutorials!!!

Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Wow..awesome. I was just going to look for some type of template just like this! You are a life saver! THANKS!

Evelina Wikberg said...

Brilliant freebie!! I am away to try it out!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the this file Dan.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful designs!!!!

Faith said...

Are you sharing your files in 2010? These holly leaves and berries are great! =)

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