Sunday 6 April 2008

New life for an old Cricut!

I bought a Cricut last year while on holiday in Canada (one of the old Cricuts, not an Expression), and to be honest, I haven't used it much. They were on sale in Michaels, so I got it for the equivalent of £85 UK, but even so, I haven't had value out of it as I have hardly touched it. After buying 3 cartridges for it (of designs I still like, but have never used) I decided that perhaps the cricut is just not for me.

Then, a few days ago, I heard of a piece of software called "Sure Cuts a Lot" which allows the cricut to be used like a Craft Robo, ie it will plug into my pc and cut any font or shape from the hundreds I have.

Shown here is a christmas design that I downloaded from the internet, and some address book dividers. I've been thinking of making an address book with my Bind It All as a gift for a friend, and I actually designed and created these dividers myself on the PC, then cut them with the Cricut. I can't overstate my excitement with this program - now the things that I cut won't be limited by what's available or by my budget!!


Andrea said...

can you share with a friend??????? look forward to seeing the address book complete x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

WoW!! What a difference that will make to it's use! The address book idea sounds great...can't wait to see it .... no pressure eh? ^.^

Sarah said...

I have been looking at this software for a while, but heard lots of horror stories about it killing people's USB ports - and then they withdrew it from sale altogether for a bit.

I'm guessing if you have bought it recently that they must have fixed all the bugs, which is fab news

I might have to take the plunge :)

thanks for the confidence-inspiring

Oh and I love your 'painted mask' technique. Much easier than cutting out fiddly designs on post it notes :)

I tried it the other night with crackle paint, and it looked fab

will be sure to credit you and link in when I get around to blogging it

Unknown said...

I used a friends cricut expresiion last week but was put off getting my own by the cost of the cartridges. I will have to look into this software, love the idea! Look forward to hearing more about it.

Unknown said...

Fabulous stuff .... can't wait to see the address book! And thank you for not overstating your excitement LOl XXX

Angie C said...

Great things you have designed Dan, I have a craft robo but never seem to have the time to use it.

Look forward to seeing your address book

Unknown said...

Great things you have designed Dan, I'm thinking of getting a CraftRobo/Silhouette, i'm even more tempted now!

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