Friday 14 December 2007

Bind-it-all Calendar - May

Another month, another technique!

The background was created by applying black, burlap and faded jeans distress pads direct to a piece of white card. Copper eyelets were added.

The foreground was created with Moon Shadow Ink - a walnut based ink with an added shimmer powder for colour. The one I used was "Bucket o' Blood Red", so basically it's a watery brown ink with a fine red pearlescent/metallic powder mixed in it (which settles to the bottom when not used).

This is the technique: After shaking well, paint a small piece of white card generously with the ink. Take the stamp you want to use for the design and place it face down on top of the wet card then leave it there overnight to dry. Once it's dry, remove the stamp, and, as if by magic, all the pearlescent powder has moved to fill the parts of the image where the stamp wasn't touching the card! The design was trimmed then stuck onto the background.

June to follow tomorrow :o)


Anonymous said...

great month Dan and a different way of stamping, I shall have to add that to my list of try to do things, look forward to tomorrows love Andrea xx

Anonymous said...

great page Dan and what a fab technique

Anonymous said...

Fab technique - just off to try it with a similar product I have. Fingers crossed & we'll see tomorrow!


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

What a fab technique - those inks sound very interesting!

cantstopstampin said...

loving the daily (monthly) calendars Dan - particularly like this one though.

AND - love the childrens faces one on June too.

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