Tuesday 23 July 2013

I'm baaack!

After 2 weeks in sunny (and rainy!) Orlando, I'm finally back home again.  I know, I know, thanks to the miracle of pre-scheduled posts you didn't even know I'd gone :)  I never announce trips away on here, burglars can read blogs too!

Sadly, although I made it home in one piece, my luggage hasn't!  My suitcase, stuffed with bargain crafty purchases, decided to go on a holiday of it's own :(  After a day of sweating, I have just heard from the airline that they have found it and it will be delivered to my home soon.  Phew!

I did Disney for the first time this trip - although I have holidayed in Orlando several times I have always stuck to Universal, Busch Gardens and Seaworld in the past.  It was a lot of fun, I'd definitely go again, though Universal Islands of Adventure is still my favourite, the new Harry Potter ride is amazing!

I hope you've all kept well while I've been away, nice to see you again! :)


Wendy said...

love the new look :-) Hope your luggage makes it back safely!

gillyb's crafting blog said...

welcome home Dan

misteejay said...

EeeK! there's a mouse in the house - oops, sorry, it's just a Disney Dan.

Hope the contents of your stray suitcase are re-united with you quickly so that you can unpack and have a good old play.

Toni xx

Trish said...

Welcome Home! And hopefully we can see what you so with all that new crafty goodness!

Joanne said...

We have been to Florida twice now ... each time we have gone to the magic kingdom. Love it and would do it again. I did love Sea World as well and would do that again.
Glad you had a good time and that your crafty luggage will be home soon.

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