Monday 21 January 2013

What I'm Known For

The theme over on the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge is "What I'm Known For".  It's always hard to try and see yourself as others see you, isn't it?  I think I'm known for making a nice lasagne or for always wearing Converse style sneakers, but what am I known for craft-wise?

Hopefully, one of the things is that I do like to get my moneys worth out of my stamps and frequently think of creative ways I can reuse them with a little twist added.  That's what I've gone for in the set of cards above, 3 radically different treatments of the same stamp.

The first card uses a tissue tape background and the stamp was coloured with promarkers.  The shades were cut from black card on my Cricut and the text was prepared on the computer and printed.  The moustache was cut freehand (easy when you fold the card in half first!)

Bowler hat girl was coloured with promarkers and the background was a woodgrain stamp from Darkroom Door.  (Is this stamp a man or woman?  I've never really been able to decide if it's male or female - perhaps that's one of the things that makes it easier to reuse in different ways!)

The clown card was coloured with promarkers and I drew the hair on white card and cut it out.  I dunno what it is about clowns, but I do use them quite a bit.  Maybe that's what I should have said I'm known for?  I didn't even like them as a kid, go figure!

Supplies I used included:

Our ever-generous sponsor Simon Says Stamp is offering a $50 gift voucher as the prize again this week, just make something for the challenge and you could the winner! The winner will be chosen at random from those who enter the challenge, so why not give it a try? At the very least why not head over to the Challenge Blog to see how the other members of the design team have interpreted this weeks theme! :)

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froebelsternchen said...

all three pieces are fabulous! It´s a fantastic motif and you are an artist who make always great pieces without to much stuff!
That´s real ART ..
commercial ART ist good but not long to enjoy -because we see the same stuff on all the blogs ..this is very boring sometimes!


Sid said...

3 fab cards Dan !

Artyjen said...

Fabulous different looks ;)
xoxo Sioux

voodoo vixen said...

At first glance I didn't take in that you had used the same stamp three times... so way to go Dan!! ;) On the subject of the gender of said stamp... I would have said male but then when I studied it I decided it could be either!!

Sarah said...

This is Dan at his best (outside lasagne). I always love how you can transform and disguise your stamped folk and as always the inky colours are fabulous. Long live androgynous stamps for the sake of your bank balance! A great creation Dan.

Unknown said...

This is a terrific project, I love the way you have used the same stamp in different ways, at first glance they look so different! That phrenology head is a great stamp, it looks pretty male to me, but it's funny how unisex a lot of faces become once the hair and makeup is removed. Thanks for the inspiration. Maddy x

Candy C said... your projects this week. What a wonderful take one stamp and use it in three different ways. Brilliant! And, you're right. You definitely are known for your sense of humor in your pieces. But, I think ... as in these cards ... you're also known for you fabulous use of bright colors. Love your writeup, too! <3 Candy

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

This creation shows your style to perfection, quirky, funky and always thinking outside the box. I love how you change, disguise your image. Perfection Dan style. Tracy x x

Claudia N. said...

Well, first I have to mention that my husband is already known to make a nice lasagne.... but he cannot create such awesome stamped stuff like you!!!! These are absolutely brilliant!!!! And I am totally with froebelsternchen Susi at what she says about "real Art". Have seen it here! (And will return for it in the future :)

Greetings from Vienna,

die amelie x

May said...

known for my love of converse style shoes needs to be added to my own list as well! I really love how you totally transformed this stamp, and I think it is a most excellent thing to be known for because truly - it's important to get a lot out of your stamps. You've outdone yourself this week Dan - when I think of you as a crafter I know you will totally entertain me with your writing, delight me with your clever creations, and amaze me with your talent. Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Well lasagne I can certainly vouch for very mmmmmmm well your artwork is another item I can vouch for, some of your talent hangs in my home and everything you come up with is always outstanding and very different, which is what makes your work so Amazing x

email: said...

Lasagna and Converse aside, I think this is a great representation of you, Dan! How fabulous to be able to "stretch" a stamp and make it your own in multiple different ways!!

Simon Says Stamp!

Suzanne C said...

Very fun! I love the many different faces of Dan! :)

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

You are brilliant! I didn't even realize the face was the same until closer inspection! These grouped like this would make a fab wall hanging as well! Love love love your work, and working with you will be wonderful!

Luce said...

Cool cards! I like that you have shown different ways to use one stamp :o)
Have a wonderful day :o)

Words and Pictures said...

Fantastic trio - with all your trademark quirky dark humour... when visiting here, I always know to expect the unexpected - love these!!
Alison x

Sandra said...

Love your three ways of the stamp! It is so you! You dress up your stamps and give them a whole other personality so they suit you for your project. Brilliant! Hugs, Sandra

mark gould said...

I love the way you make the same stamp look so different every time, I remember one of your Davids as on of the first visits here.

Julian said...

Lots of comments on this piece and no wonder: this has everything I love about your work. The dark humour, irony, playfulness, brilliant colour choices and bold use of scale. So fantastic and I'm sure as with a lot of your work even better in real life. Bravo!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the three designs you developed around this stamp, Dan. The possibilities with that head stamp are truly infinite. Blessings!

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