Monday 17 December 2012

It's a Cracker!

The theme over on the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge is "Gift-spiration".  I'm sure many of us are busy right now either buying gifts or wrapping them, so it's the perfect time of year for this kind of inspiration!

Years before I started papercrafting as a hobby I always let my creative side run wild for Christmas.  As a small child I would buy lengths of ribbon that would adhere to itself if you licked it  (I know, I know, saliva, ewww, but this was back in the day when we didn't think we'd die if we ate a potato chip that was a day past it's use by date, or using bows that had been licked!).  I'd spend hours cutting it into lengths of 3 or 4 inches and then make loops from them to make my own bows, as well as supplying the rest of the family with bows for their gifts.  Of course, I'm so ancient that this was in the days when you couldn't buy ready made bows in the shops, so my services were always in demand!

This year I have a few small gifts to give to various people and I thought that rather than wrap them conventionally I would make Christmas crackers to put them in.  In our family we put the crackers on the tree, then take one for each person at Christmas dinner and put it with their place setting.  During the meal we pull our crackers, share the cheesy jokes and gifts they contain, and (of course) wear our paper hats while we eat dinner.

There are lots of sources online for cracker jokes so I downloaded and printed some out.  Back in the 30s and 40s when money was tight, folks would often make their own crackers and fold hats from newspaper to put inside them.  I wanted to echo that style so I made hats using stamps from Tim Holtz's Classics #6 set to reproduce the newspaper feel.  My crackers were cut on the Cricut using the Dear Mr Claus collage set - I love the vintage holiday goodness of these designs!

FREEBIE ALERT - I'm including download links for the templates so you can cut your own if you wish to!

Supplies I used included:

If you would like to try making some of these yourself, I've included links to the template for the cracker in SVG, DXF and PNG form.

Please remember you are only allowed to download these files for your own use and can not share them or distribute them to others in any form. I spend a great deal of time creating my designs, please respect the terms under which they are shared.

These files may not be uploaded to a group, forum or website for sale or redistribution, or shared among individuals. They are expressly for the personal use of each person that downloads them from this blog.

There are 3 versions:
  • An SVG version which can be imported into the Sure Cuts a Lot, Ecal or Make the Cut program and then cut out on any of the machines supported by SCAL, Ecal and Make the Cut.
  • A DXF version which is Craft Robo friendly, and ready to be imported into your Robomaster software (I'm not a Robo user, so if there are any problems with this, please let me know!)
  • A PNG version which can be printed from a graphics program or Word, then cut out with scissors.
Simply click on the appropriate button below to download the file!

If you make anything using one of the templates, please post a link to it here so that others can be inspired by how you've used them!

Files © 2012

Our ever-generous sponsor Simon Says Stamp is offering a $50 gift voucher as the prize again this week, just make something for the challenge and you could the winner! The winner will be chosen at random from those who enter the challenge, so why not give it a try? At the very least why not head over to the Challenge Blog to see how the other members of the design team have interpreted this weeks theme! :)

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misteejay said...

Love the crackers Dan - they look far too lovely to actually 'pull'.

Toni xx

Jackie said...

Thanks for the download - I made my crackers from scratch this year but I'd like to try out your template for next year. My favourite joke that I used this year
Q: What do you use to drain the Christmas Dinner Brussels Sprouts?
A: An advent colander!
Merry Christmas

Hels Sheridan said...

hey you... these are... cracking (groan, almost as bad as the jokes within lol) Love them lots... hope you have a wonderful Xmas x

Suzanne C said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I love those crackers....they're too pretty to break open!!! I would be keeping as a keepsake!!!!!

Candy C said...

Dan, your Christmas crackers are awesome! I love your memories of making them and how you still use them at your Christmas dinners! Thank you for the download! I have to try these! :) <3 Candy

Marg said...

Thank you. Hope I have some time to make them. We always have crackers at our house (bought) but these would be so unique.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Christmas is going to look fabulous in your household Dan. The crackers are a wonderful addition to all your other Christmas handmade pieces. Love the Vintage traditional feel to these, shame to pull the, really lol. Tracy x

Andrea said...

Dan you are just to clever and I have to say regarding the date thing, I just put red lentils in my soup that were 8 months out of date and you know me and soup LOL these crackers will be cherished by your family as the message of being made by you is all they will need, lots love and enjoy your day x

Suzy said...

What fab crackers

fatmonica said...

These are fabulous!I wouldn't dare use them-I'd have to sit and stroke them for a while first!

Laura said...

Thanks for the've inspired me. Mom will be excited to see them. I just hope to squeeze in time...maybe for news years.
Merry Christmas,

Dorothy said...

Very cool! Thanks Dan!

Danielle said...

Great job with the crackers... Thank you so much for sharing your file.

AnnP said...

thank you for bringing back memories of using the toilet roll tubes etc. That was many years ago but the pleasure still remains and you have encouraged me to return to those good old days!

cinmfoster said...

Thanks for the files. Love your crackers and I agree that they are to lovely to pull.
Cindy F

Lisa Avolio said...

Thanks for the file. I had no idea they are cut like that. I hope I have time to make a batch.

email: said...

Gorgeous Christmas crackers, Dan! I love the stamp set you used. I will never get tired of the jolly Santa face stamp :)

Simon Says Stamp!

Anonymous said...

I was just on pinterest and so happy to see that the amazing TIM HOLTZ pinned a photo of your crackers!!!Such an honor for you to be shown off by deserve the recognition!


Sandra said...

Gorgeous crackers, Dan! And very nice of you to share those files. Hugs, Sandra

Katherine said...

Super crackers - love the stamps and papers.

Angela said...

Gorgeous crackers, Dan! Love the memories you shared - that's my favorite part! Thank you for the pattern, too. Can't wait to make my own! Happy Holidays!

jill said...


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