Friday 4 November 2011

ATG - I'm stuck on you!

You know how sometimes, when something just works exactly like it should, you can only sit and marvel at it?  I'm like that with ATG guns, they're like the adhesive applicator that I've waited all my life for, lol  I've a bit of a "thing" about adhesive, it's like everything I make has to be able to bear the weight of a grown person hanging from the bottom of a plane or something - not rational, but I like a strong bond, what can I tell you? 

I've had one of their yellow ATGs for a while, using the 12mm tape in it, and it's always the thing I reach for first when I need a good strong bond on something, plus no waiting for glue to dry!   Prior to that, I'd spent a fortune on disposable tape applicators, which often didn't even stick that well!

Sometimes the 12mm can be a bit too wide for smaller elements I'm using on a card or project, so I've had it in mind for a while to get hold of one of the 6mm (1/4 inch) applicators.  Scotch are doing a promotion on them at the moment, just £9.99 for an pink applicator and two rolls of 6mm acid-free tape which is half price, and an absolute bargain (and I know how much most of you like pink too, lol)!  Personally, I'm not a scrapbooker, so acid-free isn't an issue for me, but I know many of you out there need acid-free adhesive to ensure the preservation of your valuable photos.  Even better, they're donating $1.20 for each kit sold to the Susan G Komen cancer charity, so what are you waiting for? :)  You can find their offer here.


misteejay said...

That really is a bargain Dan.

So now you have two to play with and no messing around with fiddly adaptors for the yellow one.

Toni xx

Cath Wilson said...

Great bargain and I'd be sorely tempted if I hadn't recently found a second yellow one at a really good price (around £10) and bought an adaptor to go with it, so I can use very narrow tape in it. I am now the proud owner of two well-used yellow ATG guns and love them! I know how you feel. I used to spend a fortune on Tombow d/s refills and although I miss the smaller size, I love my ATGs.

Gabby said...

I'm glad to hear that YOU like this ATG gun. I am having a horrible time with my refillable Tombo dispenser. Everything is falling off, no matter how much I use. I've resorted to using double-sided sticky tape (which is a lot more expensive than a dispenser) to attach most everything. Unfortunately, whereas the dispenser is, for a moment or two, forgiving, the sticky tape is stuck like gorilla glue from the moment it touches! Heehee! I will definitely consider buying one of these guns next week, when our local craft store has a 50% off coupon available. So ... I'll get a good bargain here in the states, too. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Glen said... it was you Dan who was in the ad for that wallpaper adhesive, attached to the wing on the plane! LOL. Thanks for the info. I need one of those ATG guns. ~Glen~

Unknown said...

I too am the proud owner of the pink ATG. I was able to get the same kit on eBay for $19.99 CDN which was a great deal for my part of the world. This is my first visit to your blog and I must say it`s been a wonderful visit. Your creations are amazing. I`m your newest follower, so I`ll be back again soon :)

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