Friday 10 December 2010

Starry starry night

Stars kept cropping up in my world today! First I was admiring some starry tags on Dina Wakely's blog, which got me in a starry mood. I sat down at the computer to make some starry die cuts for the cricut and had a bit of a surf around only to find that my friend Linda had posted a starry card that she'd been making yesterday. Clearly I was MEANT to make a starry thing - it was written in the stars! :)

I had a play around with distress ink pads, getting some saturated splotches of colour on my tag, before stamping and ink blending. I had a bit of a doodle too, with both black and white pens. Not too much else to say about it really, it is what it presents itself as :) Comments encouraged and appreciated! Click on the image to see a larger view.


slbt17 said...

paint your pallet blue and grey - great tag Dan!
Thanks for sharing.

misteejay said...

Love the way the colours have blended Dan.

Toni :o)

Unknown said...

This is one of the best tags I've seen all week! I love the stars and the colours you've used! xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

love the colours on this one :)

Julian said...

I absolutely love this - there are so many elements to the composition, yet it has such clarity and is wonderfully graphic. You have a wicked sense of colour, too. Bravo!!!


Claire said...

That is lovely Dan, really stunning

Alix said...

love this dan...but i've got vincent running through my brain now...and he can take days to dislodge!! lol

D Q said...

Really great Dan!

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Thats stunning!!! The colours are just amazing!!!
Julie xx

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