Friday 9 November 2007

Song for a Lost Love

There are actually 3 of these floating around the world in various places! One has a home in Canada, the other two at opposite ends of the UK. Not a new piece of work, but in the name of completeness, I thought I'd post it here for those of you that are recent discoverers of me and my paper world! :o)

I had hoped to present this as another of my interactive flipbooks, but unfortunately it's so long and narrow that as a double page spread, it just isn't big enough to read any of the text, so here it is as a series of still images.

A book made from regular office type tags, bound together using brass hinges to turn each page, and chipboard covers. I cut craft paper down into A4 sheets and printed the text from the computer, then covered each tag with it and stamped, distressed and decorated each page. Words from "Love Song for a Vampire" by Annie Lennox.

Click on the slide show or on any image to enlarge it.

Page 1 - "Come into these arms again and lay your body down. The rythm of this trembling heart is beating like a drum".

Page 2 - "It beats for you, it bleeds for you, it knows not how it sounds. For it is the drum of drums, it is the song of songs".

Page 3 - "Once I had the rarest rose that ever deigned to bloom. Cruel winter chilled the bud, and stole my flower too soon".

Page 4 - "Oh loneliness - oh hopelessness, to search the ends of time. For there is in all the world, no greater love than mine".

Page 5 - "Let me be the only one to keep you from the cold, now the floor of heaven's lain with stars of brightest gold".

Page 6 - "They shine for you, they shine for you, they burn for all to see. Come into these arms again and set this spirit free".


Anonymous said...

Stunning. Well done you! Sheils xxxx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

How beautifully Romantic! Wonderful!

Ann said...

Amazing all your work xx


Lesley said...

It's lovely Dan - as always!! xxx

Unknown said...

That is so beautiful Dan - you old romantic you XXX

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan, this is lovely ... you big softy x

Anonymous said...

this is a stunning book, i happen to be the proud owner of one of these and its fantastic xx

Anonymous said...

How very beautiful Dan, & what a fab idea, you've really inspired me to have a go...

voodoo vixen said...

This is stunning Dan! How do you make more than one of anything? I can't do it - they seem to take on a life of their own and metamorphasis into something different! :)

Voodoo Vixen

willowthewysp said...

Some great work here!

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