Friday, 7 September 2007

In-flight Entertainment

This project is based around the movie descriptions in an Air Canada in-flight magazine. They were so short that taken out of context the sentences seemed a little bizarre, and many of them were not even recognisable as the movies they were supposed to be describing!

Pages 1/2 - "A commitment-phobic man keeps falling for a woman with no short term memory".

Pages 4/5 - "A professor framed for a murder in the Louvre unravels a religious mystery".

Pages 6/7 - "The son of a brilliant archaeologist receives the ancient map that his father died to protect".

Pages 8/9 - "A Manhattan orphan infiltrates a brutal gang in order to avenge his father's death".

Pages 10/11 - "After a series of unsuccesful romantic set-ups, a visually impaired man meets a woman he could fall for".

Pages 12/13 - "Stripped of her noblesse, a French woman goes to Versailles to try and win back her status". The attached mini-book contains an account of the famous case of "The Ghosts of Versailles", in which 2 women on holiday in Paris in 1901 claimed to have gone back to the time of Marie Antoinette.

Comments welcomed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
great work, can figure out 2 films but that is my limit. Love the images you have used

Anonymous said...

brilliant work Dan and I can not work any films out, no suprise there, the artwork is fab and need to see this in the flesh

Anonymous said...

Dan, as ever I am blown away by your talent. This is a truly remarkable and inspiring work of art.

Hels x

witchy said...

wow dan your work is fabulous love witchyx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work as always Dan.Love the use of colour
Can work out about 3 or 4 descriptions


Ann said...

WOW - Really stunning art work & really inspiring


TinaB said...


Stunning work

Tina xx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!

Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction dan. I adore this book, all your work is fantastic but this has 'something' about it I love. Would love to look at it in real life. Thanks for showing us great work :)

Julian said...

I love this one - it is very beautiful (and must have taken you ages!). So clever, as always with your work. Awesome!!

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